July Favourites!!

Friday, 31 July 2015

So July is over and I thought I would be a typical, unoriginal blogger and do a little post on my favourites for the month, except a little different because I am doing my favourite FOODS (or I suppose ingredients) for July. 

This month I bought coconut oil for the first time and I'm glad I did. This brand wasn't as expensive as some of the others. I got it for 2 or 3 euro in Tesco and despite how much I've used it, it is still half full. I've used it for baking, such as this lovely recipe , and I also used it for beauty, such as my DIY Coffee Scrub. This was a very good investment, and I would definitely repurchase once it is all gone.

I use lemons for everything! I use it for infused water, on salads (like on avocado or in salsa) and in stir fries. To be honest the list goes on and on. I've been using more and more lemons this July because I've been trying to drink more water ... and I don't want to add dilute/squash because of the additives. I always add a little lemon to water when I'm feeling...down, like when I have a sore head or am feeling dehydrated. On that note, a great infused water to try is cucumber and lemon. It is SO REFRESHING and easy to drink!

Chia seeds are life saving to me. Such teeny, tiny balls of goodness! These are truly super food material and I have been adding them to a lot of things and I have an Overnight Chia and Oats Pudding for breakfast every morning. I had a little bag (150g) of Chia Seeds from Tesco, and when that little bag was empty I bought this bag from Chia Bia (400g). This can be expensive, I bought it in Tesco for 8.99. 

Again another super food in my eyes, Pumpkin Seeds, are rich in Omega 3 and Zinc. I put these on my breakfasts, in yogurts, in everything! They are so special to me that they are in a fancy mason jar.

Best. Peanut. Butter. Ever.
Whole Earth Foods are great and I really want to try the rest of their products! The packaging is so pretty. I have peanut butter on rice cakes, and I used to hate peanut butter until I tried this one. So that is saying something. I highly recommend this Peanut Butter without a doubt. They also do a crunchy version, and an organic smooth and organic crunchy.

So I've recently gone gluten free, but even before that I loved oats. Yummy porridge and home baking.
I found gluten free oats in both Lidl and Tesco. I am so thankful for Gluten free oats... I would be lost without them, even though they are a little bit more expensive.

Bye Bye July, Hello August.


  1. I always have a tub of coconut oil, the stuff is amazing, I use it in so many different ways! I also really want to get some Chia Seeds, they are so healthy!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

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