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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Sorry I took a little break from blogging, I have been very busy and just hadn't the time to sit down and write or take photos. I have been packing for college and preparing for college and then of course actually moving and settling in. The week before I moved into my new room in University I took a little holiday to Alicante in Spain!! It was such a lovely place, so different and beautiful. I took a few photos of the gorgeous scenery there and I thought I would share them with you.

We stayed 7 days in Gran Alicant, just a short drive out of the bustling city of Alicante on the East Coast of Spain. Spain would never have been my first choice... I don't know the language and would therefore always have chosen France, because knowing French makes getting around the locality much easier. However I was pleasantly surprised by how easily I could pick up a few Spanish words.

We stayed in a little square of about 30 small Villas, which all shared a lovely outdoor pool in the centre of the square.

I loved how strange everything was in comparison to Ireland. Flying over the country or just driving around allowed me to see fields of oranges and lemons, a brown, sandy and dry landscape and an abundance of cacti and palm trees.

Unfortunately we weren't blessed with seven days of sunshine, and instead we had three hot 25-30°C days, and four days of occasional thunder, lightning, and rain. But a holiday is only what you make it, and I found that despite the rain... the temperatures were still pleasant and being in the rain wasn't a complete misery (like it usually is here in Ireland.)

We spent loads of time shopping .. mostly window shopping for me. We went to a local market where I got 2 watches for very cheap. We also went into the city centre one day, where I bought 2 Urban Decay Naked palettes (the Smoky palette and the Naked 2 basics) as well as lots of KIKO products!!

I always wanted to try this, despite the fact that some people say it's a little unhygienic. I definitely wouldn't fork out the cash to do it again (I'm exaggerating, it wasn't that expensive) it was a great experience to have.. and a really strange sensation, especially when they swim in between your toes (eww gross I can still imagine it). 

When watching the sunset over the sea, from the airport as we were boarding the plane, I managed to get this photo. I just think it is gorgeous, despite the grubby glass window and poor quality of the photo.

Some of the best views were captured on the journey home. I think it's fascinating to see a country from above, as it gives such a great insight into the country that you miss with two feet on the ground.

And then of course, landing back in Ireland (Knock Airport to be precise) after a very short week we met such a warmly welcomed sight of green fields and green trees. Always one of my favourite parts of a holiday!!

Have you been on any holidays recently? Or do you have any planned for the next year? Let me know in the comment below ☺xx

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