My First Graze Box

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

My sister sent me my first Graze box to my university address and I excitedly went to pick it up from the office. My first parcel and it involved food. I was over the moon. I had been dying to try Graze boxes for years... and now that I'm at Uni, it seemed like the perfect time. Of course I want to eat well, and affordably, and I also don't want to resort to lazy processed foods, high in artificial preservatives and nasties. Graze is perfect for me, as it has my favourite sort of foods in lovely, tasty mixes.

First of all I must admit that the box is so cute and autumnal!! Getting something in the post is exciting but when it's this pretty, it's even better.
My four snacks were:
Dark Rocky Road
Honeycomb Flapjack
Salted Fudge & Peanut Cookie
Peach and Passion Fruit Cheesecake

My 4 snacks:

Graze's take on Dark Rocky Road is definitely something a little different. It's a deliciously more-ish snack of luxurious dark belgian chocolate, cranberries and pecans. I thought the chocolate was beautiful and deep flavoured, and the cranberries so sweet! The little pack totals to 189kcal, so is a lovely treat when you are craving a bit of chocolate!!

Salted Fudge and Peanut Cookie, was the pack I was least excited about. But I forgot how underrated peanuts are! This wee mixture of redskin and salted peanuts, vanilla fudge and teeny chocolate cookies was a delicious snack to get the energy levels up, perfect for in between (or during) lectures.
In contains 230 calories and is worth every single one of them!!        

The honeycomb flapjack was the product with the shortest use by date. It was very sweet as it contains honeycomb, syrups, sugar and a chocolate drizzle. However the oatty flapjack was a lovely portion size, so it wasn't too much! It was a great little snack for boosting the energy levels, containing 241kcal.

Peach and Passion Fruit Cheesecake
Literally heaven. The peach drops are so sweet and unlike anything I have ever tasted (in a very good way) and mixed with pieces of white chocolate, sponge and shreds of coconut makes a great combination! I thought this was a lovely nibble at a lovely 144kcal.

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  1. Ooh the Peach and Passion Fruit Cheesecake sounds amazing! Think I would have enjoyed the honeycomb flapjack the best xoxo