My Second Graze Box

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

So, as you know I got my first graze box delivered to me as a present from my sister, and I did a wee post about what was in my box, just for those curious as to what Graze is like. You can find that post here if you are interested. 
I thought I would do a follow up to that and do another post on what was in my second box, because its a bit different, and it shows what great variety Graze offer.

This time my box contained 4 different little nibbles, which included:
Banana Cake with an Afternoon Infusion teabag
Slightly Sweet Popping Corn 
Beach Bum
Herby Bread Basket

Banana Cake with an Afternoon Infusion tea

I ate the banana cake with the cup of Afternoon Infusion. It was so moist and sweet. It was topped with some sliced hazelnuts and a slightly sticky surface. A perfect little portion size, containing only 55kcal and a divine flavour! The tea was a spicy tea but made for a nice accompaniment.

Popping Corn

I'm a sucker for popcorn, and when it's sweet it's heaven. The fact this one is only 'slightly' sweet means I avoid the guilt that comes with eating regular sugary popcorn and just adds a lovely little flavour. Totals a nice 116kcal.

Herby Bread Basket

I found this a little bit dry, and I'm not a big bread lover so it's not the star of the box! But it was something a little different. It was only 90 kcal, and included mini basil baguettes, crostinis and oregano rice crackers. I definitely prefer the sweeter treats from Graze. 

Beach Bum

This tropical little box of nibbles, is only 96kcal and full of fibre that will help fill you up as well as satisfy your sweet tooth. The banana and pineapple are both sweet and chewy, while the flaked coconut is dry and flavoursome. I liked this little treat a lot!!

If you use the code NCFY4WH4B you can get your first graze box FREE!!!

You're welcome and ENJOY!!

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