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Friday, 7 August 2015

We all start a year with resolutions, and most people start their summer with goals of some sort. My summer goal was to get fit and healthy... and although I haven't exactly gotten into exercise the way I thought I would, I've definitely been eating much better. One of the main ways I have been eating healthily is by including seeds in my diet. Chia, Sunflower, Pumpkin, Sesame... you name it. I sprinkle them on my breakfast, over fruit salads, and even try to include them in my baking, such as my banana bread and my sweet cheat fake chocolate truffles.

During summer I was lucky enough to be sent these lovely little seed snack packs from Munchy Seeds to sample. They are a really great way for those who find seeds boring and difficult to eat on their own.

They come in great little packets that are so interesting and intriguing (especially for kids) and are a great idea in my opinion. They also come in little tubs of varying sizes if you check their website.

In my pack I got

  • Pumpkin Power
  • Honey Seeds (so yum)
  • Omega Sprinkles
  • Choccy Apricot (my favourite because I love dried apricot & chocolate)
  • Chilli Bites


I'm yet to try the Chilli Bites, (because it's my last one and I want to keep it because I'm a hoarder and I'll miss them) but judging by the rest of the flavours, it'll be delicious.

Seeds are great for you for many reasons, as they are high in vitamins like vitamin E and minerals Zinc and iron. They are a good source of protein, and Omega 3 fatty acids (really important).

Have a look here at all the health benefits that are in each variety of Munchy Seeds...I love reading this and knowing that what I'm eating is doing GOOD.

I really want to try Munchy Seeds Super Sprinkles, their Crunchy Bites and their Choccy Ginger! I hope to place an order soon, but if I don't, receiving this little package has really inspired me to add seeds to more things, and to mix seeds with tasty ingredients.

A great company, with great products and even great packaging!!

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